AlModon Office for Engineering Consulting was established in Riyadh in 2006 by a specialized technical body and in cooperation with state experts Yin specializes in engineering affairs and universal access seeks to provide these services to make future projects in our Arab world more dynamic and humanitarian and in line with engineering standards and universal access for all as the office seeks to work steadfastly with its clients to ensure the preservation of the urban environment and the natural environment alike according to a multi-consultative system Engineering majors, ranging from design and urban planning to architecture and project management, supervision of implementation, universal access and various engineering and environmental consultations.

The office, with all its elements, was able to confine its interest in urbanism and architecture and achieve universal access, which gave a new urban harmony and out of the ordinary to finally obtain a human and streamlined urban engineering that is a model that distinguishes the office, which called for the inclusion of all engineering disciplines because of this trend. The team working tirelessly to face the coming challenges and engage in providing engineering expertise for urban projects in the Arab region.

Our expertise and types of projects include cultural centers, office buildings, health care, sports and recreational facilities, public and residential buildings, educational facilities, tourism facilities and public buildings.

AlModon office always aspires to be at the trust of its customers, and makes every effort to raise its level in the field of comprehensive access. It provides integrated services and solutions for all engineering fields. We always strive to provide better services that satisfy everyone.

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