Al-Modon Engineering Consultants website is keen to apply the highest technical standards related to electronic platforms, and it constantly seeks to implement every new technology that contributes to enriching the platform and facilitates access to all its contents, which leads to an increase in the number of users and visitors to the platform, and the extent of their interaction.

The platform is also compatible with all the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium in terms of ease of use, accessibility and other technical standards, all of which contribute to improving electronic platforms. The website is also compatible with other browsers.

One of the most prominent aspects of the website Al-Modon for Engineering Consultants has implemented with regard to ease of use and accessibility, its concern for people with special needs, in order to enable this distinguished group to deal with the platform effectively. So that the site contains features that help to read the texts on the pages of the website, without the user needing to activate any other programs, and this technology is very useful for the visually impaired.

The site can be browsed through smart phone devices, where many services and features are available, such as: search feature, select and change the language. It is also possible, through a smartphone, to view the latest projects, as well as answer inquiries.

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