The current privacy policy (the “Policy”) represents our internal guidelines for the management and employees of AlModon for engineering consultancy in the context of the operation of this website, which entails the fact that users will provide and share certain information, some of which are considered the property of the AlModon, while others are public information( These are known collectively as “User Information”).

It would be helpful to start by defining what this policy is and what not. This policy is management principles and an internal bylaw that we publish among the heads, employees, directors, service providers, and shareholders of AlModon in order to inform them of what we consider acceptable or unacceptable acts in relation to dealing with user information. This policy also aims to inform you of how we manage certain aspects of our site, such as user information, as well as the fact that you may – through our site – have dealings with others who may come into contact with user information.

This policy is not a binding legal agreement, individual undertaking, statement or guarantee of any kind given to users, government agencies, or natural or legal persons of any kind or capacity.

We have all the right, discretion and discretion to decide the appropriate outcome for fulfilling or violating this policy by the stakeholders in our organization. We also reserve the right to keep these results confidential, or make them public.

The reason why we receive user information is to enable us to provide services through our website to our end users. Such information contains, among other things, information that enables us to identify our customers and deal with them in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, such as information related to phone numbers, which make us able to determine the eligibility of our client to enter into a legally binding agreement, and the information required to be used as a mail address. The electronic mail that is used to communicate with the user, the information that enables us to deal with the customer; and the information required to provide services to our customers; As email address, mobile phone number,

User information generally does not include information that we infer, collect, or extract, either by ourselves or through the use of third-party service providers. Such information is based on analysis of the data we collect from many sources such as statistics and conclusions. We are governed by applicable law rules regarding the processing of private and personal data of Internet users.

As a general rule, user information is processed electronically and is not accessible to all employees in the daily work environment of our company. We may share user information with people related to us or with others. We note to our users that we cooperate with law enforcement and law enforcement agencies and with all authorities that have jurisdiction to request user information in the context of law enforcement operations, investigations of the public interest, civil and criminal litigation, public safety and crime control.

We will follow generally accepted standards in this area to protect user information. Although there is no completely secure method for transmission over the Internet or for electronic storage, we will continue to try to use and implement commercially acceptable methods to protect user information to ensure the continuity of our service and the privacy of our users.

User and company information is a major asset in most Internet-based businesses. As a company, we may always be subject to transactions relating to our assets including mergers, splits, and acquisitions by others. User information is a key thing in the valuations that occur before these businesses and one of the main assets transferred as soon as those transactions occur. We will ensure that our legal successors handle user information the same way we do, and that they continue to develop and implement the means to better protect it.

The users of our service will be given the choice to alter the user’s information, provided that the switch is legal and does not entail any deceptive behavior or requests to delete itself completely. We will comply with such requests to the best of our ability and follow that common sense of business.

Our website will likely contain other means that contain links to other websites. Accordingly, we note to our users that we do not give any guarantee regarding the policy of such other sites regarding the protection and use of personal information. We do not and will not recommend protection features or privacy policy to any third party except for what we have examined ourselves, and in these cases we will express this recommendation.

We remind our users that we can only control how we operate, while you will deal directly with our providers who will have their own policies for processing your information. You should always exercise due caution.

All that mentioned on the website is the property of the AlModon Office.

This policy was implemented in September 2020 and can be accessed by those addressing it. At the same time, we reserve the right to amend and improve this policy without notification or approval from any party, so we request that you read it whenever possible.

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